Travertine, perhaps more aptly would be dubbed the “stone of leisure.” Temples and various monuments notwithstanding, this finely polished limestone was the de facto building block for the most elaborate bathhouses and amphitheaters, including the infamous Coliseum in Roman society. But it was not absent more practical intentions as it helped blaze a new trail of technological genius by partaking an integral role in shaping ancient society in Italy with the elevated aqueducts. Mirrored from its origins at the base of mineral springs, the concentric image couple with bright rich colors of white, tan, and cream-colored would have encompassed visual wonder as it adorned such impregnable monuments. This sedimentary stone is quickly identified by its linear striations and pitted appearance.

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  • Travertine Ivory image
  • Travertine Silver image
  • Travertine Vein Cut image
    Vein Cut
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